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Our Launch is May 11 & 12, 2018!

Welcome, Everyone, to the 2018 Dad Vail Regatta! We're happy to meet you all and give you some free Flyrt gear... if you make your way by the Flyrt tent make sure you stop in for something fun! 

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The Attractor Factor: Why We Flirt and What It Means

Imagine this scene: two people walk into a room and immediately notice each other (cue the romantic music). They hesitantly take a few steps forward, smiling shyly. One runs fingers through tousled hair, while the other straightens a piece of clothing. One laughs nervously while the other coughs. Once they are within speaking distance, a conversation begins. The words, “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” issues forth from one, which causes eye rolls from the other and a screeching needle on record sound.

Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship or a potential disaster? Will they laugh about this when they tell the story of their initial encounter at their wedding or will they be grateful that it didn’t progress beyond that first awkward interaction?

Flirting is something people learn in childhood as a means of charming others or getting something they want without asking directly. It offers the opportunity to test the waters without diving in head first. How easy is it to say no the innocent look of a toddler who wants ice cream before dinner, especially if they say “Please.” in a tiny voice?  There are some who adamantly insist that young children aren’t engaging in flirtatious behavior since they contend that it sexualizes the child or the act of simply being friendly. Flirting may indeed be just that, a way of reaching out to get to know another.

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Guys, You Can Learn A LOT From These "Hey, I Like You" Videos

If only we were all just like him. But we're not. So we invented Flirting on Campus & Frampus for everyone else! 

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Hey, I Like You

Here's a video that highlights the main reason that Flirting on Campus & Frampus were born... 
they are for those of us who can't approach others this easily!! :) 


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The Six Girls You'll Date in College

We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did!

We're here to make your life fun again, join us by creating a profile! :)


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College as an introvert: Freshman takes on dining halls
by Courtney Willett

Dining halls are portrayed as great oases in which strangers gather and engage in conversation while sharing a meal.

Yeah, not so much. The typical dining hall is filled with nervous students clutching lunch trays and frantically searching for another soul to sit by. Or maybe those people who are never alone. They always have a companion at their side, as though they’re terrified that if someone else doesn’t validate their own existence, they will disappear.

In recent years, our generation has been plagued with this mentality that doing something alone is the ultimate form of rock bottom . Heaven forbid you gulp down a smoothie without a warm body next to you. Let me clarify: there is nothing wrong with being social. Rather, I am speaking to those who find solace in doing certain things alone.

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College as an introvert: Freshman takes on 'ice cream socials'
by Courtney Willett

I’m sure everyone has seen the flyers for various ice cream socials:


However, I’ve been noticing a distinct lack of ice cream, and that’s when it hit me: There never was any ice cream. These “ice cream” parties were actually just fronts for college kids to throw an “alcohol party.”

Granted, I’m probably the only person who was properly fooled by the “ice cream” euphemism used on the flyers.

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College as an introvert: Freshman takes on flirting

"Dynamics between men and women are tricky when it comes to becoming acquaintances. There’s the constant question about whether someone is going to make a move or if there’s an ulterior motive amidst a friendly gesture."

"While other girls giggled and flipped their hair to get offers of dates and phone numbers, I tripped and snorted my way to being single. Apparently the general population of men is not turned on by a girl who likes reading and cats."

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39 Fun Facts about Flirting

by Karin Lehnardt

: "Studies show that women initiate flirting 90% of the time. Although men seem to do most of the pursuing, they actually do so because they perceive that women invited their advances through flirting."

: "The most common mistake people make while flirting according to the Social Issues Research Centre is maintaining too much eye contact. A nonromantic glance lasts only 1.18 seconds and a flirtatious gaze lasts 2–3 seconds. Anything longer is uncomfortable."

: "On average, it takes about three glances at someone before he or she will take the hint that the other person is interested in them."


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Come out and meet us at the Dad Vail Regatta on May 11 & 12, 2018... we're estimating that the first 1,500 visitors to the Flyrt.net tent at the regatta will get something for free! We look forward to seeing you there!! :)

11 May 18
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